The Kingdom

by Alarice

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released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Alarice City, Singapore

With Asian roots, an Australian upbringing, and the ability to sing and write songs of universal interest and flavour, Alarice (pronounced ‘a-la-reese’) has a unique appeal in her performance. Born in Auckland, New Zealand to Singaporean parents, Alarice spent her childhood as a third culture kid, growing up in Japan, Indonesia, Dubai, India, Singapore and finally Australia. ... more

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Track Name: The Kingdom
Verse 1:
The wind blows here
And suddenly I find myself
At a coming of an age
Of a destiny prepared
Before the coming of the dawn

I'm coming home
To a place where I know I belong
In the dwelling of Your keep
Where my soul that was asleep
Is now awakened by the drum

Pre Chorus:
What once slumbered
Is now awakened this hour
Ancient Gates open up

I’m alive in Your Kingdom
Home in Your Courts
I’m awakened, awakened to life
There is Hope in Your Freedom
Your breath in my lungs
I’m awakened, awakened to life
It’s here I find that I’ve arrived

Verse 2:
The time has come
Where my soul will find its rest in the One
At a place I have not seen
In a home I have not been
For it is written in my heart

Now come alive
You Daughters and Sons arise
To take the Kingdom here
All authority is given
To fight for what is right

Awake my soul,
Awake my soul to the calling (x2)
Track Name: Radiance of You
Verse 1:
I'm coming after you
I'm chasing down, everything You do
Like birds of a feather
Or a moth to a flame
The Radiance of You

I see you all around
I spot you in the faces of the crowd
Like a smile on a baby boy
Or symphony in song
I'm coming after You

Pre Chorus:
Your beauty stretches to the sky
I'm enamoured by your grace
A Love that cannot be contained,
Is spilling over me

You're gonna be Everything I've ever wanted (x2)
Know it in my heart, You're the one to fill my cup Yes,
You're gonna be Everything I've ever wanted (x2)
Known it from the start, You've always been the missing part of me

Verse 3:
I'm coming after You
I’m falling for, everything you do
Like a lovesick puppy
butterflies in the tummy
The Radiance of You

I hear you like the sound
Of a siren that is ringing all around
Like a record in its player
Or a tune that's your favourite
I'm coming after You

Oh it feels like a drum
My heart racing to the sound of your heart thump
I’m sinking into all You are
Just falling into Heaven’s arms
Track Name: Hand in His
Verse 1:
It was a beautiful day
When they said their ‘I Dos’
As the church bells rang, the crowd stood from their pews

She made a promise to the Lord above
To love no matter what
To love beyond all circumstance
Till death do them part

She had her hand in his
And before they kissed, she said

Chorus 1:
Love is patient, Love is kind
Love is faithful and true
Despite all of our circumstance,
I know that I can trust in a God
Who made a way for us to love through His Son
So I’m gonna love no matter what, for this is Love

Verse 2:
They were at the time of their lives
When they wanted a family
A bundle of joy to make their number three

But it felt like the longest day
Waiting at the doctor’s
He said I’m sorry for the news, but your chances are outnumbered

Then she put her hand in his
And before they kissed, she said

Verse 3:
Time had passed
And the years were long
As he lay in bed, he knew his strength was gone
The disease was strong and it won’t be long to say goodbye

He took her by the hand he said
Baby don’t cry

For all the times we had together
Were enough for me to learn that
Love will endure, it will never fail
And he said

Chorus 2:
Love is patient, Love is kind
Love is faithful and true
Even through the hardest times
You’ve shown me that you loved me still
Now I can rest in the promise that His Love will carry me through
Now I know the Love of God
Now I know the Love of God
He’s shown me through you
Track Name: Sing Hallelujah
Verse 1:
When all the earth is shattered
Crimson stained with strife
Mother against her daughter,
Husband against his wife

When the orphan calls for a Saviour
And the widow cries for help
Still a voice of Hope will rise

O, Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah, Sing
Oh sing all ye children, sing all ye broken
All to the Father
Sing your song

Verse 2:
You are the Hope of every nation
The answer to the weak
The safety of the abandoned
The comfort of those who weep
You go before Your people
Your ways are higher than ours
With one voice your sons will say,

In light, darkness cannot exist
Through your life, shadows will lift
In light, darkness cannot exist
It cannot live,
Cos You are light

Verse 3:

Then a voice that sounds like thunder
Will pierce through the night
And come with all His splendor
Majesty and Might
And He will be our portion
The beloved is His prize
Earth restored to His intention
Redemption for His bride
Track Name: Tapestry
Verse 1:
You’ve built a house,
made of paper, It’s all that you are
But now it is sinking and breaking,
and fading in front of you

And your dreams feel like sand,
Evading your fingers
It’s slipping like water that’s running
Escaping right through your hands

But oh, your dreams
Are a tapestry
Of things that were broken and wounded
But made into Your Masterpiece

Verse 2:
So off you go, stand still as He makes you whole
For you are the prize that He’s fashioned
From Heaven and crowned you with gold

So come to the Father,
Who welcomes you home
And clothes you with robes that are purple
With favour, run to His arms

I come alive, I come alive, I come alive in You (x4)

Verse 3:
Come sit at His feet
For you are the treasure He seeks
He unravels the tapestry
He tells me He loves me (x5)
He tells me He loves me for me
Track Name: Conqueror
Verse 1:
I am a conqueror
I am a queen
I am anything that You said I could be

Fly like a phoenix
Rise from the ashes
I’ve got a heart of a lion
And the strength of a thousand

And I, I know who I am
Cos I find, all I am
In You

Verse 2:
I am a daughter
Your masterpiece
Created from Your heart as deep calls out to deep
Worth more than rubies
Or precious stone
I am healed, I am alive
I am completely whole

And I, I know who I am
Cos I find, all I am
In You

If by the world, I fail to measure
If I miss the finish line
But to You what’s deemed ‘worthless’ is enough

So who will I cast my pearls before
If pearls are what we are?
In Your eyes

Verse 3:
You are my shelter
My destiny
My defining freedom
My hope, my joy, my peace
This is forever
Cos You are the truth
I have faith to see, faith to believe Your Word is true
And I, I know who I am
Cos You say, that I am